Talko Tuesday: December 13, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers and welcome to cold, chilly, rainy, foggy, snowy days.

Here in Northern CA, we’ve had some pretty good rainfall totals, which hopefully, made a dent in our ongoing drought issues. But, now that the rain has cleared and we’re supposed to dry out for a spell, it’s going to get cold out there, very cold. In fact, we’re under a frost warning for several days.

I know you snow bunnies know what to do because you’re used to this type of weather and even more intense and severe than what I’m whining about but, we’re not. Anything below 45 degrees at night, I’m bundled up, under a blanket and wearing several layers of clothing. I don’t really like the cold at all.

So, what do we do? Besides the obvious of stay warm, bundle up, keep your fur babies indoors, mine are always indoors—even my dogs are what we call, ‘indoor dogs.’ No, they don’t do their business indoors; they go out for that. 🙄 But what about our plants? Our trees? The rest of our landscape?

First, if you still have grass in CA, you need to get with the program and rethink your choice; it’s a drain on our water supply. And if your grass freezes and gets all hard, turns brown, or dies…sorry, not sorry. Start thinking ‘waterwise plants’ or other stuff that doesn’t require a ton of water.

I have a ton of different plants planted in the ground, including succulents. So far, they’ve done fine even in the frost. However, I do think I will bring out some frost blankets for them because we’re in for a few days of freezing or below freezing, nighttime temperatures. One or two days…meh…after that, frost blankets.

I also have several citrus trees, which don’t really like frost nor do well when in freezes. Ugh, I think I will have to go out and pick a bunch of fruit, which I don’t like doing. I like to pick our fruit as needed. I just zested and dehydrated a bunch of blood oranges and lemons, looks like I will have to do more. Plus, I will juice a bunch, put the juice in ice cube trays, freeze it, and use the cubes at a later date, like when I no longer have any fresh lemons or oranges. I don’t stress about the grapefruit tree; it’s nearly 100 years old and well, it’s fine.

All my patio plants, except for two, large Jade plants (thanks, mom for bringing me your plants you no longer want to deal with…) are either in my house (major jungle going on) or in our greenhouse so, they’re fine. I highly suggest bringing any and all potted plants indoors for the next few nights or they will not survive. I still haven’t gotten over my husband NOT bringing in my Snake/Mother in Law’s tongue plant in last year during a hard freeze and it died. That really pissed me off! “Just go buy another one!” Not the point….

For more information and less of my whining, go here:

After reading this article, I now will have to cover my navel orange tree. My son planted one last spring…it’s a baby and may not survive the next few nights.

Oh, and my Christmas cactus? That traitor! She prefers being in the greenhouse rather than in our house where I can enjoy her beautiful red and white blooms…actually, I have a few different varietals in a large hanging pot but she wants to hang in the greenhouse. She’s beautiful but I only get to see her when I go out to there.

And on that note, enjoy the day and bundle up! Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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