Italy’s Berlusconi Promises A Bus Load of Prostitutes for His Monza Soccer Team If They Win

ROME, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told players of his Monza soccer team he would bring them a bus full of prostitutes if they managed to beat a top Serie A rival, a video published on social media showed on Wednesday.

Berlusconi, who often uses colourful language, was accused in 2011 of having sex with an underage prostitute at one of his infamous ‘bunga bunga’ parties. He was acquitted on appeal in 2015 after a judge ruled he had not known she was a minor.

“I told the guys … now you will play Milan, Juventus. If you win against one of these top teams, I’ll bring a bus of whores into the locker room,” Berlusconi, 86, said in the video recorded at a Tuesday Christmas dinner with the Monza players.

One senator said “the “usual misogynist language from Berlusconi. A joke in bad taste that leaves you speechless”.

Later, Berlusconi said it was a “locker room joke”, and that critics had an “absolute lack of humour”. Sound familiar?


France just beat Morocco 2-0 in today’s semi-final in the World Cup. Yesterday, Argentina spanked Croatia to win the other semi.

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