VILLAGE BIG NOB Penis-headed Statue of Russian Tyrant Vladimir Putin Installed in the Village of Bell End

A small UK town called Bell-End has dedicated a very special award to Vladimir Putin. Yep, you guessed it. The Russian leader has been crowned “bellend of the year” and has his very own statue to commemorate him.

The effigy, engraved with his new title from villagers, appeared on Thursday (15 December) next to a street sign in the West Midlands town of Rowley Regis.

Passersby were handed free eggs to pelt the penis-headed Putin.

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It commemorates the war-mongering leader as “Bellend of the Year” in protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

The effigy appeared yesterday morning in the ­centre of the Worcestershire village — alongside eggs which passers-by can throw at it.

The organiser of the protest, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I needed to award somebody with the ­Bellend of the Year award and I thought there was one person who has universally been a bellend this year — and that’s Vladimir Putin.

“You could just throw eggs at the statue, which people did so willingly.

 “It’s been very well received. One person said, ‘I thought it was my boss for a second.’” Miniatures of the statue, made for the co-ordinator by two ­artists, will be sold in aid of a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees.


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