TFG Was Never Under Audit Because the IRS Did Not Audit His Taxes

Remember when TFG claimed he could not release his taxes because they were under audit? Yeah, he lied….shocking.

‘Bigly,’ huh?

Despite a program the mandates the IRS audits any and all sitting presidents, the agency failed to audit TFG’s for several years while he occupied the White House and disgraced the Office of the Presidency. A report released Tuesday by the Democratic majority on the House Ways and Means Committee indicated the Trump administration may have disregarded an IRS requirement dating back to 1977 that mandates audits of a president’s tax filings. The IRS only began to audit Trump’s 2016 tax filings on April 3, 2019, more than two years into Trump’s presidency and just months after Democrats took control of the House. That date coincides with Rep. Richard Neal, the panel chairman, asking the IRS for information related to Trump’s tax returns.

And right on cue, GQP leading member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Kevin Brady, began clutching his pearls, feigning outrage, and bloviating that by releasing TFG’s tax returns, it could lead to releasing other citizens’ returns, including Extreme Court justices.

On the other hand, Richard Neal, the committee chairman, proposed legislation that would require an annual audit of the president’s finances, according to a notice from Democratic leaders.

Read the entire report below:

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