Ginni Thomas’s Attorney Calls Her Post-Election Activities “Minimal and Mainstream” As Transcripts Released

Conservative activist Ginni Thomas said she regretted sending texts to Mark Meadows after the 2020 election, and “I would take them all back if I could today.”

“You know, it was an emotional time,” Thomas told the committee. “I’m sorry these texts exist.”

Thomas spoke to the committee voluntarily, but her name does not appear once in the committee’s final report.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife’s attorney Mark Paoletta said in a statement Friday that her absence from the report was a conclusion that “was obvious from the beginning” and that her post-election activities were “minimal and mainstream.”

Transcripts show that she told the committee she did not speak with her husband about her activites before, during or after the January 6 attack at the Capitol, but at times “had no memory” of what she discussed with her husband.

AP, The Guardian