Talko Tuesday: January 03, 2023

Damn, it’s hard getting used to typing out 2023 as opposed to 2022. The years seem to fly by. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year’s and I truly hope this year bring much more happiness and healthiness to all of us than the last few years did not. But, I don’t hold out much hope for our divided government now that the House has been taken over by the GQP.

Speaking of which, I hope you will join us for a Live Discussion on the House’s vote for a new speaker. Since the GQP cannot do anything without creating a bunch of drama and stupidity, today’s vote will not prove any differently. Maybe Qevie or their real leader, TFG, got some of the holdouts to reconsider and grant Qevie his dream come true….Speaker of the House… and just a stone’s throw away from the Office of the Presidency. Let that sink in—the guy is dumber than dirt and a spineless twit. But, Andy Freaking Biggs would be a lot worse.

I hate that saying, dumb as dirt. Dirt serves a purpose; it helps us to grow things and feed us. Qevie is a useless idiot that serves no purpose except other than what’s advantageous for Qevie, self centered, CRAVEN ASSHOLE.

Anyway—carry on. Enjoy, please join us for the all, anticipated vote, but more importantly, be safe.

Note to Northern Californians and others infected by another Atmospheric River event—BE SAFE! Do NOT even attempt to drive through flooded out streets, freeways, etc. In fact, stay in if you can!

We’re expected to have way more rain and high winds. The ground is fully saturated and if you live in an area like I do that has a zillion of trees, watch it! So many trees have toppled. In fact, parking on my street is a luxury because parking sucks and even more of a luxury during the summer when we all fight to park under my nearly 100 year old Sycamore. Right now, NO ONE wants to park under my old Sycamore or my next door neighbor’s old Sycamore. The ground is saturated and ripe with the potential of toppled trees.

Carry on!

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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