Ali Alexander Tells Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “Hoe Go Home”

Threatens to Release Dirt on ‘Whore’ Marjorie Taylor Greene

MAGA activist Ali Alexander went on a sexist offensive against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) by claiming he would have the Georgia representative brought up on criminal charges and expelled from Congress. Alexander has been frustrated with Greene’s support for Kevin McCarthy’s troubled bid for House Speaker, and his voiced cracked when he proclaimed, “I will not suffer this harlot! I will not be taught vows and loyalty, commitment from a whore!”

“You have got me mistaken for some damn fool, and a fool Ali Alexander has never been called! In the coming days, I’m going to reveal that Marjorie Taylor Greene — in my summation and the summation of lawyers — committed a crime.”

Alexander did not elaborate on the nature of this alleged crime, nor what kind of evidence he had. Instead, he threatened to take whatever he has to the state of Georgia, “and the state of Georgia will decide whether they adjudicate that crime or not.”

“The House Ethics Committee and House Rules must expel Marjorie Taylor Greene when this evidence comes to light. Ho, go home! I am done with you!”

“Everyone will know about your drunken nights, because the consultants who got drunk with you will have to choose whether they fear me, or whether they fear you. And they fear me, Marge! They fear me a lot more than they fear you!”


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