Coffee Talk


Good morning, Coffee Talkers, welcome to the Thursday coffee station at News Views, and from my perspective it’s a snow zone again! We went from the infamous Christmas blizzard of 2022 with a few feet of snow to bare brown-ish green and gray in days, and yesterday was a sad sign that spring is still weeks away.

First, a reminder that Coffee Talk is a free chat zone, no intentions here to confine you to any topic. Whatever you’ve got on your mind, bring it! We can handle it!

Coffee Talk was simply inspired by SNL talk show host Linda Richmond, who could become a little verklempt, and was known to give you a topic to talk among yourselves.

So…….. Today’s Topic

The other day — before snow and slush on the roads — I went through the automatic car wash. The card goes in, and a screen comes up to choose your level of clean (barely rinsed off to mostly washed except the backside, IMO). At the bottom is the question, “Would you like to add a tip?”

Grrrr. Seriously? The guy who waves you in to the proper position and tells you when to stop, then possibly squirts a flash of soapy water across the driver’s side of your vehicle is performing a service that requires a tip? Mkay.

What odd places have you recently been prompted to add a tip?

This is apparently becoming a more commonplace practice at businesses who have electronic payment screens in your face, places we haven’t traditionally thought of as a service requiring a tip.

That’s what has me verklempt this morning.

What’s got you emotionally overreacting today?

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