Free Range Free Chat

No, my peeps, I am NOT kidding. It really is Monday, I’ve researched all the ancient books of holy writ, including the pinnacle of wisdom, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and almost verified it (although to be fair, Huck does mention that Mark Twain, though mostly truthful, told a few whoppers) so it could be Sunday or Tuesday, but does it really matter?

After a week as heavy as the one we just went through, when it comes to days of the week, we have to ask, “what’s in a name.?” The name of the week pales in comparison to its’ events, so we wake up this morning, put our feet on the floor. And in the words of Jackson Browne, We get up and do it again. Amen.

This is Monday’s Free Chat. We need a little optimism to start the day: so bring it on, what are you up to? I’m starting in groups of three: I’m listening to a song from Postcards from the Edge, I’m reading Atomic Habits and I’m watching Dune. Three’s a charm. How are you starting your day?


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