Calls For More Regulations After Ohio’s ‘Nazi Homeschool’ Exposed

Ater a couple assumed to be Logan and Katja Lawrence who go by “The Saxtons” online were discovered to be supplying “Nazi-approved material” for homeschooling, Ohio state leaders are calling for more homeschooling regulations.

Reports state the couple is using the Dissident Homeschool channel on Telegram to disseminate the material they’ve allegedly been developing for years.

The group has nearly 2,500 subscribers and includes items like printouts so students can use Adolf Hitler quotes to practice cursive handwriting and tips to “avoid Jewish media content.” The couple also says they’re committed to helping these children become a “wonderful Nazi.”

“Somebody who is homeschooling, what is the expectation they are checking in with the school district that their kids are in, for the curriculum they’re teaching in their home?” said Ohio Board of Education member Teresa Fedor “Very little accountability, so that needs to be taken a look at as public policy, and you know they want their freedoms, but they also are allowed tax dollars.”

Because Ohio has no meaningful review of homeschool curriculum, more than likely, the neo-Nazi curriculum is legal in the state; some lawmakers want to change that.

Over the last several years, (decades), MAGAts and other far right extremist groups have encouraged parents to homeschool their students in order to protect them from that “woke agenda” they constantly yammer about.

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