New Report Details RNC Will Ramp Up Claims of Unproven Voter Fraud

The report prepared by the Republican National Committee proposes expanding ‘election integrity’ activities in response to perceptions of a rigged process

The RNC’s “National Election Integrity Team” has prepared a report that outlines their plans to bring their “election integrity” activities to every state in response to their unfounded perceptions of widespread fraud and abuse in the way the country selects its leaders.

According to the Washington Post:

  • Building a massive new party organization involving state-level “election integrity officers.”
  • Intensive new training models for poll workers and observers.
  • All based on their false claims that the Democratic Party has implemented election procedures that allow for rigged votes.
  •  The recruitment of staff and volunteers to monitor elections and the development of more aggressive legal strategies to “hold election officials accountable for violating the law.”
  • The report does not mention early voting or vote by mail that many Republicans have have said the Party should embrace since the party’s underperformance in 2022:

The report does address the GQP’s obsession with the 2020 election and acknowledges a drop in turnout especially in 2021, when mistrust in elections contributed to a drop in GQP turnout in two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia, costing the party its Senate majority.

The report was prepared by five RNC staffers including one, Thomas Lane, who reportedly participated in the Trump campaign’s effort in late 2020 to convene alternate presidential electors in seven states who planned to help overturn Joe Biden’s victory. Lane was named in subpoenas, and the FBI searched his home as part of its investigation into the effort.

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