GOP Congressman Passes Out Assault Rifle Lapel Pins

# National Gun Violence Survivors' Week

A Republican congressman from Georgia not named Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed himself as the troll who has been passing out cute little lapel pins shaped like an assault rifle.

Andrew Clyde from Georgia’s 9th District revealed himself to be the unknown comic after the pins had been spotted on various GOP representatives this week — which just happened to be National Gun Violence Survivors’ Week.

Clyde described how he had owned the libs, and had more pins to share with his colleagues.

Clyde, who owns the fourth largest gun store in Georgia, has downplayed the January 6 Capitol attack comparing it to a “normal tourist visit.”

Clyde, on the left

Clyde also voted against awarding congressional gold medals to police officers who defended the attack, and refused to shake hands with Officer Michael Fanone.

Only last week, Florida GOP Rep Cory Mills passed out (inert) hand grenades on the congressional floor.

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