Chinese Balloon: Tin Foil Hat Theories Explode in Montana, Invade Fox News

Speculation went wild Friday night after a Twitter user shared a video from Billings, Montana, that showed “a jet go by so fast and then [an] explosion in the sky.” The video, which appears to show a jet contrail in the sky above a residential neighborhood, includes a brief and silent flash of light that is claimed to be an explosion.

Although the Chinese spy balloon had left Montana for the skies of Missouri, that didn’t stop the tin foil hat theories from saying the balloon had been shot down.

Thankfully, Fox News was ON it.

Another Twit tried to fan the flames with old tabloid footage from a UFO story from 2020.

Additional worries were shared by Montana Congresscritters.

The City of Billings and the Governor of Montana confirmed that there had been no confirmation of an explosion, let alone the explosion of a spy balloon.

Many responded to the video on Twitter with explanations that it was nothing more than a jet contrail, and the “explosion” was caused by the camera lens changing focus.

Earlier, Kentucky Rep James Comer was worried that the balloon had been launched from Wuhan and was full of bioweapons.

And Bill Engelbrecht, Florida Man, had a more dire conspiracy in mind.

China is claiming it is a weather balloon, while U.S. officials say it is an intelligence gathering surveillance balloon.

The Pentagon says it expects the balloon to remain over the U.S. for a few days, and reach North Carolina by Saturday. Local police there have urged residents to refrain from shooting it down with guns.

A second balloon has now been spotted over Latin America.


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