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FACT: Just because we don’t believe it, doesn’t mean “it” isn’t a fact. FACT: It is indeed Monday, whether we believe it or not. . . But seriously, wasn’t it last Monday just a few minutes ago?

Artist’s rendering of Wolf 1069”

It gets crazier by the day—time, place, distance; future, present past, now and then, foreshadowing, deja vú and dreams. When we learn of a new planet; one close enough to check, to explore, then we know that the linear chaos of our limited earth is just a shadow, that in the distance we may experience a universe too vast for we (humans) to ever believe again that we’re all that, big enough to conquer, to exploit, to destroy.

In a new study, a team of 50 astronomers from around the world have confirmed the existence of exoplanet Wolf 1069 b, which orbits a red dwarf star, Wolf 1069, only 31 light-years from Earth. What makes this discovery particularly intriguing is that Wolf 1069 b is potentially a rocky world, at about 1.26 the mass of Earth and 1.08 the size. Wolf 1069 b also orbits in its star’s habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for liquid water to potentially exist on its surface.

As they say in 12 step programs, we need to learn to be “right size.” SO, a planet B? That close? That should finally show us “our right size”. The Universe: a kind of looking glass that gives us a a bit of perspective.

Welcome to our Monday Free Chat — it’s free ranging, and today we’re space bound, but any topic will do— because really, everything we’re made up of now, thinking and talking about now, started in that place of space, both fantasy and real.

So…….what’s on your mind today? Anything goes, no matter what subject feels universal, spacey, fantastic, mysterious or just the latest thing we’re trying to figure out.

Whatcha got?

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