Congressional Hearing on the Debunked ‘Twitter Files’ and Other RW Nonsense Goes off the Rails

Like most issues the GQP involves their incompetent asses in, Wednesday’s hearing with former Twitter executives went off the rails but did prove one person in particular, tried to influence Twitter in removing a tweet because it hurt his thin skin fee fees. Who was that? The disgraced, twice impeached former occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump. We’ll get to that one shortly.

The House Oversight Committee and Accountability called the hearing to investigate a decision that Twitter had for years but admitted was a mistake: “blocking an unsubstantiated New York Post article about the activities of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, in Ukraine before the 2020 election…”

Then it went south and devolved into the normal MAGAts playing the victim and airing out their personal grievances.

As expected, the Democratic Party asked the important questions (Twitter’s role in January 6, 2021 insurrection) and pointed out the numerous flaws in the MAGAts’ arguments and rants:

“Why Can’t We See Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics?!?!”

***Another MAGAt that doesn’t know how Free Speech! Works….



Then There’s TFG:

TFG Pointed Out Something that No One Else Did Because It Doesn’t Exist:

“Pussy Ass Bitch:”

White House Asked Twitter To Delete Chrissy Teigen’s Post Calling Trump A ‘P***y Ass B***h’

A congressional hearing on Twitter’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story took a hilarious turn when an ex-Twitter employee made the revelation.

Chrissy Teigen was actually spot-on.

Then-President Donald Trump’s White House apparently asked Twitter to take down a 2019 tweet in which the model called Trump a “pussy ass bitch” — which, to be fair, is a pretty pussy ass move by the Trump administration.

The revelation emerged during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday regarding Twitter’s supposedly left-leaning bias in censoring posts about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

A Recap:

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