Missouri Sen. (R) Josh Hawley Wants to Create a Legal Age to be Allowed on Social Media

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., intends to make his focus in the current Congress a legislative package aimed at protecting children online — including by setting the age threshold to be on social media at 16.

“For me, this is about protecting kids, protecting their mental health, protecting their safety,” Hawley said. “There’s ample evidence to this effect that big tech companies put their profits ahead of protecting kids online.”

❋ Mandating social media companies verify the age of their users.

❋ Providing parents a right to demand that tech companies delete their kids’ data.

❋ Commissioning a wide-ranging congressional mental-health study on the impact social media has on children.


Yesterday the Republican-led Missouri state house voted against banning minors from openly carrying firearms on public land without adult supervision. 

This below was reported Wednesday.

Hawley said he quit the committee.

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley was booted from his perch on the powerful Armed Services Committee last month as retribution for delaying the confirmation of numerous Defense Department nominees last year, and for his role in challenging Mitch McConnell’s hold as the chamber’s top Republican, sources tell CQ Roll Call.


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