Ohio Church Leaders Ponder Options After Steeple Crashes to Ground During High Winds

The church and steeple in better times


GALLOWAY, Ohio (WSYX) — Some Central Ohioans are dealing with the fallout after high winds caused power outages and other headaches Thursday. In Franklin County, Mother Nature knocked a steeple right off a church roof.

The Columbia Heights United Methodist Church said its steeple came crashing down just before 5 p.m. The entire structure is about 101 feet tall. “It basically snapped the top portion of the steeple off,” Columbia Heights Methodist Church congregant Doug Moshier said. Church leaders met with an insurance adjuster and structural engineer to determine the amount of damage and what it will take to install a new steeple.

The church has the original drawings of the steeple and even some photos of when it was placed on top of the building back in 2007. Now it is lying on the ground, shattered in pieces, the wood splintered, near the door of the church.

Church leader Ron McCullough said he was grateful the falling steeple did not hurt anyone or cause any damage to vehicles.

“We are a faithful church,” McCullough said. “We believe it happened for a reason. It could have happened during the day when there was cars going through for the pre school.”

Added Moshier: “We are blessed. Definitely God was here on our side.”


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