Ohio Pizza Shop Catches Attention With ‘Now Hiring Non-Stupid People’ Sign

An Ohio pizzeria that has had trouble finding reliable workers bluntly advertised out front that they are hiring “non-stupid people.” Santino’s Pizzeria reportedly said it hung the banner outside as a joke.

Jayden Dunigan, who is part of the family that owns the restaurant, told WSYX they were tired of spending time and money to train new employees who never showed up or quickly quit. 

Since the hiring sign went viral they had a caller place a large order and then call back when it was finished to cancel the order.  Santinos said it took the pizza to a homeless shelter and said the people there were extremely grateful for the food. In a Facebook post the pizzeria stated:  “We never waste food here at Santinos whenever a order doesn’t get picked up we bring it to the nearest homeless shelter!” 


“Oh I laughed, I did laugh at it, but I get it. I get where they’re coming from, but I don’t think it was a bad idea,” said customer Natasha Fox. “You want someone working here who’s going to comprehend taking orders or service, but it can be offensive, but I’m here,” 

Jayden Dunigan, the owner’s daughter, “It’s more humor than anything. It wasn’t meant to target anyone like that or be rude.” While Dunigan has worked in her parents’ shop for years, she said finding good help has been hard. Hence, the sign.

“A lot of people we’ve hired just don’t want to work. There is no work ethic behind them, so that’s the meaning behind the ‘Non stupid.’”


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