What Would You Do Wednesday: “That’s an Interesting Phone Call”

Yes, it’s been a long time since we featured one of these discussions. But, this topic motivated me because I find it quite interesting and feel somewhat conflicted about it. One one hand, I admire the young lady, who didn’t vote in 2016 or 2020 and really doesn’t concentrate on politics, except she has some thing for Rudy G., act as foreperson for a special grand jury. But on the other hand, I question her motives because I’m wired that way.

I tend to question many people’s motives and always ask myself about the other person, “what’s in it for you.” And, if I was Fani Willis, I think I would be a bit, probably a lot, pissed off because I would want all facets of my case and any and all investigations into it remain quiet. Don’t show your ass on national television and talk about it because you could taint a jury and jeopardize the case.

So moving on:

The forewoman, Emily Kohrs, in the special grand jury that investigated election interference by TFG and others in Georgia, went public and sat down for interviews with both NBC and CNN. In the clips below, you will note, Ms. Kohrs answers the questions presented to her to the best of her ability without violating any secrecy clauses that we know of.

So, I’m posting a few video clips with analysis, unfortunately, that I hope don’t sway your opinions…enlighten or validate them, no problem, but try to go in with an open mind.

So your task, as the intelligent lot you are, is to discuss the interview.

  • What did you like; what didn’t you like?
  • What stuck out the most to you?
  • How would you react and WHY would you react that way if you were Fani Willis?
  • Who do you think is on the list of potential indictments?

Or, feel free to discuss something about this topic that I didn’t address–It’s all on you and how you have processed the issue. Just don’t argue for argument’s sake; it’s not productive.

Hope you enjoy- Please understand that this is not a free chat thread; we’ll have one of those tomorrow.

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