Deposition Reveals Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Bigly Journalists’ Endorsed the ‘Big Lie’ But Not Fox Itself

You've Been Played, MAGAts.

A follow up to a previous News Views :

In a deposition taken by Dominion Voting Systems, Rupert Murdoch admits that his hosts lied to their viewers and endorsed false claims the 2020 election was stolen, AKA: The Big Lie.

When asked in particular if Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was among the hosts who endorsed the claims, Murdoch replied “I think so.” He said that former host Lou Dobbs did so “a lot,” and that 9 p.m. host Sean Hannity did so “a bit.” Yet Murdoch denied that Fox itself endorsed the claims.

Per NYT:

Murdoch’s sworn testimony was made public on Monday as part of a response by Dominion Voting Systems to Fox’s bid to have a judge throw out the election technology company’s $1.6 bill defamation lawsuit. Dominion has alleged that Fox broadcast comments made by Trump-affiliated lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani that defamed the voting company.

Other Nuggets:

  • Rupert provided Jared Kushner with confidential information on President Biden’s campaign ads before Fox aired them and his debate strategy.
  • Murdock admits no fraud existed and demonstrated as such by calling Arizona for President Biden.

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