The Lutheran Church Goes ‘Woke’: Will Start Excommunicating White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis

No Worries. Some Fundie Freak/Dipped and Re-Born, 'Faux Christian' Church Has a Forever Home For You

Missouri Synod, its president, vice-presidents and all 35 district presidents, along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called “alt-right,” which includes white supremacy, Nazism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide.

Apparently, President Matthew Harrison was ‘shocked’ to learn that a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and unchristian ‘alt-right’ views via Twitter and other social media.

The letter comes in the wake of a social media blog spot about Corey J. Mahler and the rise of a white supremacist faction within the Lutheran faith. Apparently Mahler has been active in far-right circles for years and has posted about whiteness and “white genocide” on Twitter. Mahler also identifies as a Christian nationalist.

President Harrison did say he would work with the Neo Nazi/White Supremacists/Christian Nationalists to denounce their hate filled beliefs but if the won’t, they will no longer be welcome.

***As usual, this is NOT a discussion about religion; it is a discussion about one, particular religion denouncing hate.


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