Fox News Interviews Christopher Wray

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Appearing on Fox News Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray was interviewed by network “heavy-hitter” Bret Baier, and focused on several topics including the laptop from hell, the Chinese lab leak theory, and the January 6 pipe bomber.

Out of the gate, Baier questioned why the investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop was taking so long.

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Well, the investigation is being led, as you may know, by a U.S. attorney appointed in the last administration out of Delaware. And the FBI is actively supporting and working with that U.S. attorney on that investigation.

BRET BAIER: But the whistleblowers are telling these lawmakers that there was an internal effort to shut down the investigation from the beginning. Have you found that?

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: I have not found anything like that.

Bret tries again with the Twitter files “proof” that the FBI acted to censor and ban accounts….

Wray explained it was a company decision to react based on any reports of disinformation from foreign sources provided by the FBI.

Hmmmm…. One last attempt:

BRET BAIER: Last thing about the Hunter Biden laptop. There was concern about the authenticity. And even Vice President Biden on the debate stage referenced this letter from former intel officials.

JOE BIDEN (DEBATE CLIP): There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what this, he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant.

BRET BAIER: But it turns out it wasn’t.

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: I can’t speak to what former officials of the intelligence community may or may not have said. I can only speak to what we do. And unfortunately, as you would expect, if we’re going to do this investigation in the right way, that means I can’t talk about the specifics of that investigation other than to assure everyone that I expect our people to tackle this investigation the way that I expect them to tackle every investigation, which is to follow the facts wherever they lead. No matter who likes it, there’s always somebody who doesn’t like it.


Wray discussed for the first time publicly the agency’s take on the coronavirus origin as a lab leak incident.

Wray said: “So, here you’re talking about a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled lab that killed millions of Americans, and that’s precisely what that capability was designed for.”

“I should add that our work related to this continues. And there are not a whole lot of details I can share that aren’t classified.”

There are eight government agencies investigating the origins of Covid, and none of them are certain of the cause.

The bipartisan House Select Committee on Tuesday focused on threats believed to be posed by the Chinese government, with a side of partisan dunking.

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What about the January 6 pipe bomber?

According to the FBI, a single suspect placed two pipe bombs in the vicinity of both the major parties’ headquarters on January 5, 2021. While hundreds of January 6 defendants have been arrested, the pipe bomber has not been caught.

Wray said his agency is working very hard on the matter.