Murdaugh Trial: Closing Arguments and a Gossiping Juror

From NBC:

One of the 12 jurors in the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh was removed Thursday morning and replaced with an alternate after Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman said she engaged in improper conversations outside the courtroom. The juror ultimately spoke with three people about the case but not extensively, Newman said he learned, although it involved “giving her opinion regarding evidence received.” After explaining the situation to the courtroom ahead of the defense starting closing arguments Thursday morning, Newman brought the juror in and told her she was being dismissed.


Eight revelations from the trial:

  • Murdaugh admitted to being at the murder site
  • Evidence was repeatedly mishandled, witnesses said
  • Alex asked Maggie to come to Moselle, witnesses said
  • Missing: a family gun
  • Also missing: Murdaugh’s clothes
  • Car and phone data were used to track Murdaugh
  • Questions about Murdaugh’s visits to his mother
  • Murdaugh’s colleagues described his character and crimes

The jury is expected to start deliberations sometime Thursday.

Interpretation of details is crucial in this case: Prosecutors are asking jurors to find Murdaugh guilty beyond reasonable doubt, based on circumstantial rather than direct evidence.

Judge Newman has said the jurors will deliberate starting today and will do so until 10 p.m. today and tomorrow at least.