SC Woman Charged After Taking Abortion Pills to End Pregnancy

In October 2021, the then-33-year-old woman sought medical help at St. Francis Hospital after having labor pains, according to a Greenville Police Department incident report. A warrant for her arrest was signed in 2022, Greenville Police Sgt. Johnathan Brown said.

The incident report says the woman told medical personnel she had taken abortion pills to end a pregnancy. State law prohibits self-medication to abort a pregnancy. The fetus was stillborn and was determined to be 25 weeks and four days, according to the incident report.

“It was determined that the accused obtained and self-medicated. Consumed the abortion pills illegally,” the incident report said.

She posted a $2500 bond and was released.


Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network Chief Executive Officer Ann Warner believes this could signify things to come.

“South Carolina has a long history of charging women for pregnancy outcomes,” Warner said. “We’re one of only a couple of states that have a statute that makes it illegal to perform a self-managed abortion. And that has been used to prosecute women over the years.”

“I don’t believe handcuffs belong in health care,” Bauer said. “I think that the majority of my colleagues don’t believe that either. Most people who have an abortion already have at least one child. So threatening to arrest them, jail time, and having a criminal record doesn’t just hurt them. It hurts the entire family and community.” – Representative (D) Heather Bauer 

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