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For the last few days, the worst of the worst MAGAts, presidential wannabes, and their KKKult leader: the disgraced, twiced impeached, one term (p)resident, Trump, met in Maryland to hold their annual Fascist Fest known as the the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Both CNN and The New York Times provided some excellent fact checking or more appropriately, shined a bright light on their many lies. Of course, the average MAGAt will deny their claims because…Fake News!

The Lies Told by the Worst of the Worst MAGAts and Setting the Record Straight:

  • Rep. Kat Cammack (FL) claimed that President Obama encouraged people to harass Extreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Facts: Simply not true. The link provides more information on this ludicrous claim.
  • Cirrhosis Steve Bannon repeated his regular lie about the 2020 election having been stolen from TFG and blamed Fox ‘News’ for his defeat.
  • Facts: Fox ‘News’ accurately projected that President Biden won the state of Arizona. This “did not change the outcome of the election.” Arizona went through several recounts and the result remained the same: President Biden won the state.
  • MT-G claims Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants American ‘boots on the ground.’
    • “Now whether it’s like Zelensky saying he wants our sons and daughters to go die in Ukraine…” Later in her speech, she said, “I will look at a camera and directly tell Zelensky: you’d better leave your hands off of our sons and daughters, because they’re not dying over there.”
  • Facts: MTG lied; anyone surprised? “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky didn’t say he wants American sons and daughters to fight or die for Ukraine. His comments were taken out of context.
    • In a press conference last month, Zelensky said that if “Ukraine loses the war against Russia because it does not receive sufficient support from elsewhere, Russia will proceed to enter North Atlantic Treaty Organization member countries in the Baltics (a region made up of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) that the US will be obligated to send troops to defend” those NATO countries.
  • Gym Jordan claimed that Biden, “on day one,” made “three key changes” to immigration policy. Jordan said one of those changes was this: “We’re not going to deport anyone who come.” He proceeded to argue that people knowing “we’re not going to get deported” was a reason they decided to migrate to the US under Biden.
    • Be afraid, MAGAts, be really, really afraid. They’re coming to take away your job and maybe even your gunz! 🙄
  • Facts: Gym lied; anyone surprised? President Biden initiated a “100-day deportation pause that Biden attempted to impose immediately after he took office on January 20, 2021. The policy did not say the US wouldn’t deport “anyone who comes.” It explicitly did not apply to anyone who arrived in the country after the end of October 2020, meaning people who arrived under the Biden administration or in the last months of the Trump administration could still be deported.
    • President Biden also said that anyone who engaged in or was suspected of terrorism or espionage, or were seen to pose a national security risk would be deported.
    • Ultimately, a federal judge put a pause on President Biden’s proposal but that didn’t stop Gym from lying about it.
  • Rep. Ralph Norman strongly suggested the FBI had tipped off the media to its August search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort in Florida for government documents in the former president’s possession – while concealing its subsequent document searches of properties connected to Biden.
  • “When I saw the raid at Mar-a-Lago – you know, the cameras, the FBI – and compare that to when they found Biden’s, all of the documents he had, where was the media, where was the FBI? They kept it quiet early on, didn’t let it out. The job of the next president is going to be getting rid of the insiders that are undermining this government, and you’ve gotta clean house.”
  • Facts: The legally executed search on TFG’s property happened rather discreetly. In fact, the only way CNN knew about the search was because “Peter Schorsch, publisher of the website Florida Politics, learned of the search from non-FBI sources and tweeted about it either after it was over or as it was just concluding, and because Trump himself made a public statement less than 20 minutes later confirming that a search had occurred. Schorsch told CNN on Thursday: ‘I can, unequivocally, state that the FBI was not one of my two sources which alerted me to the raid.‘”
  • Sen. Tommy Tuberville (Idiot-AL) said, “…half the kids in this country have one or no parent. And it’s because of the attack on faith.”
  • Facts:  “Official figures from the Census Bureau show that, in 2021, about 70% of US children under the age of 18 lived with two parents and about 65% lived with two married parents.

***Literacy–something the average MAGAt lacks:

  • Tuberville also repeated the MAGAt talking points about ‘woke,’ CRT and how our public schools are ‘indoctrinating’ our youth and that many high school graduates cannot even read their diploma. “We don’t teach reading, writing and arithmetic anymore. You know, half the kids in this country, when they graduate – think about this: half the kids in this country, when they graduate, can’t read their diploma.”
  • Facts: Yeah, that’s a lie. While many Americans do struggle with reading, there is no basis for the claim that “half” of high school graduates can’t read a basic document like a diploma. A more accurate statement would have been: “a significant number of American teenagers and adults have reading trouble, though there is no apparent basis for connecting these struggles with supposed ‘woke’ indoctrination.”

And my personal favorite, MAGAt talking point: GAS STOVES!

  • Rep. Scott Perry claimed that “average citizens need to just at some point be willing to acknowledge and accept that every single facet of the federal government is weaponized against every single one of us.” Perry said moments later, “The government doesn’t have the right to tell you that you can’t buy a gas stove but that you must buy an electric vehicle.”
  • FactsThis is nonsense. The federal government has not told people that they can’t buy a gas stove or must buy an electric vehicle.
    • “Nuff said! Soitiswritten!”

Read more from the link provided above.

Then came the ‘closing act,’ TFG:

  • Crime in NYC: “Killings are taking place at a number like nobody’s ever seen, right in Manhattan.
  • Facts: Murders declined in New York by about 11 percent from 488 homicides in 2021 to 433 homicides last year. It was the lowest level since 2019, according to the city’s Police Department.
    • Back the Blue, MAGAts!
  • “We lost $85 billion worth of the greatest military equipment in the world.”
  • The Facts: More regurgitated bullshit. “According to quarterly Pentagon reports to Congress, the United States had provided $88.6 billion for security in Afghanistan from October 2001 to July 2021, and disbursed about $75 billion. That figure includes the amount spent on training, antidrug trafficking efforts and infrastructure, as well as $18 billion for equipment. Most of the $75 billion actually went toward “sustainment,” a category that includes salaries, communications and gas for vehicles.” McMath: The US left behind $7 Billion dollars in military equipment.
  • “They want windmills all over the place that ruin our fields, kill our birds and are very unreliable and are the most expensive energy ever developed”
  • Facts: More from his ‘one hit wonders,’ windmills. “By one estimate, as many as 328,000 birds die each year flying into wind farms, but other things — inanimate and living — pose a far greater threat. Cats kill as many as four billion birds annually in the United States, fossil fuel power plants are responsible for 14.5 million and collisions with buildings as many as 988 million birds. Wind power and other forms of renewable energy are becoming increasingly more affordable.”

Some clips of the Orange Buffoon’s speech:

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