Oklahoma Cheer Coach Allegedly Raped Her Daughter’s Minor Ex-Boyfriend Over 300 Times

A 45-year-old public school cheerleading coach in Oklahoma has been arrested for allegedly having a long-running sexual relationship with a then-16-year-old student who had previously dated her own teenage daughter. Jennifer Jean Hawkins was fired from her job and arrested this week on one count each of second-degree rape and sexual battery, court documents reviewed by Law&Crime show.

The investigation began when the victim “J”, who was in a rehabilitation program in California, sent a detailed letter to Moore Public Schools staff disclosing his sexual relationship with Jennifer. J detailed how he started having sexual relations when he was sixteen years old with Jennifer and going to Jennifer’s house several days of the  week to have sex.  In the letter J described Jennifer as being very manipulative and controlling. 

In a subsequent interview with the victim, police say he estimated that he and Hawkins had sex “three hundred plus times”. He explained that he met Hawkins through Hawkins’ daughter, who is the same age as the victim.

“[The victim] dated [Hawkins’] daughter initially then, according to [the victim], [Hawkins] began prompting him for a sexual relationship,” the affidavit states. “[The victim] stated the very first sexual incident on Stepping Stone was August 2017. [The victim] stated he was watching a soccer game with [Hawkins] in the living room and [Hawkins] put her hand on his penis.”

From the police affidavit: 

The victim (J) stated Jennifer gave him a handjob that day and remembers Jennifer telling him he would remember that soccer match for the rest of his life. 

 “J” (The victim) stated during his sophomore year alone he would get picked up by Jennifer during lunch, driven to the address on Stepping Stone, and have sex. He would then return to school. J estimated be had sex with Jennifer three hundred plus times at the address on Stepping Stone. He stated be stayed in a sexual relationship with Jennifer until 2022.

Don’t miss a detail, read the rest at LAW&CRIME and the police affidavit.

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