WTF is a ‘Woke’ Bank?!

****Maybe because I’m going stir crazy and cannot go outside and play because of ‘sunny’ (my ass) California’s whacked out weather, I thought we could have some fun today. Please feel free to post something you found on ‘woke’ banks or create your own example of what a ‘woke‘ bank is and does.

So, in typical fashion because they have no legislative ideas and the ones they do have are as about as popular as having your teeth extracted from your face without any anesthesia, the GQP has resorted to their latest talking point/bumper sticker, woke (one syllable, easy peasy for the most ignorant of their ignorant base).

Everything they disagree with, don’t like, and/or threatens their white male privilege, they label as, woke. And they want you to jump on board and attack and label everything around you like, education, other cultures, women FFS!, the LGBTQ community, and a bunch of other ‘uncomfortable’ stuff as, woke….including freaking banks!

WTF is a woke bank?!?!

Well, this Craven Asshole (ignorant inbred) seems to have a handle on what a ‘woke’ bank is:

So, we did a little digging into this whole ‘woke bank’ thing and this is what we found:

My bank is so ‘woke,…”

***Your turn! Tell me about your ‘woke’ bank. Either post something you found that someone else said or let your creative juices flow and create your own.


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