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Good morning, Coffee Talkers, it’s a rainy day in my neck of the woods. Gloomy, yes, but we have a handful of snow mounds hiding in strategic spots just waiting for a rainy day like this to wash them away.

So much to talk about, but we collectively keep focusing on one particular steaming pile of Trouble. If it were truly a WITCH HUNT, a rainy day like today would melt him away like some old fashioned Kansas sorcery.

Alas, it’s Thursday, and we are giving News Viewers a free chat space, but this one comes with an alternative, suggested topic — if it interests you.

Today’s Topic

While following along the (too many) years of the Trump Train, there are far more attorneys on the books for Donald Trump Jr.’s favorite president than can be listed in our small space here. But we are going to make a cursory list of the eclectic suckers who have sacrificed their careers for a career BS salesman. Here’s the tweet that prompted my brainstorming this morning.

There were initially the White House lawyers, Ty Cobb, Don McGhan, and Pat Cipollone.

Ty Cobb called Trump a “deeply wounded narcissist” who acted in a “criminal” manner in his attempts to block a peaceful transfer of power.

The team for impeachment #1 included Cipollone from above, as well as Jay Sekulow, Alan Dershowitz, and Ken Starr.

The team for impeachment #2 were less recognizable: Michael van der Veen, Bruce Castor, and David Schoen. But they will remain known as successful defenders of a traitor. Woot. Woot-woot.

There are 17 lawyers who, thanks to Trump, have been sanctioned. Among them are more familiar names, including Leaky Rudy, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Alina Habba.

We can also go back to the glory days of attorneys general, Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.

How many are not listed above? Who knows, I’ve spent plenty of time on these losers already.

Of those above and those I’ve neglected to list in the interest of time, who is your favorite/least favorite legal representative of the worst president in American history?

Again, it’s a free chat forum here at Coffee Talk, and like any other free chat you have the mic.

Enjoy each other’s company however you wish, but make it a great Thursday. And who knows….. maybe today’s The Day? Whenever it is….