Talko Tuesday: March 28, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Tuesday.

So, what’s going n in everyone’s world? I’m just waking up, trying to get caffeinated, and watching my local news. Not a lot of good news in the world, unfortunately; I just saw the video of the latest mass shooter entering into the school to murder people. I just don’t get it and I truly don’t get why we don’t address what all mass shooters have in common—guns.

Her pronouns or the fact she’s transgender have nothing to do with this latest act of violence like some MAGAts/Fundie Freaks claim. It’s the guns, easy access to guns, people with mental illness (no, transgender is not a mental illness like ignorant MAGAt/Fundie Freaks claim) obtaining weapons….we need and have needed to rethink this whole gun thing long time ago.

Anyway, try to enjoy the day and stay safe.

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