Christian Evangelical Preacher Prays That People …

… Who Support Indictment of Trump Experience ‘Sudden Deaths’ ‼️

Nu††er WA†CH

Self-proclaimed “prophet” and Christian nationalist Lance Wallnau posted a livestream from Israel on his Facebook page this Easter Sunday where he warned that God will start killing political figures as revenge for the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Wallnau said that Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s indictment against Trump was a signal for his viewers to start praying for God to bring about a curse on Trump’s opponents.

“Why is the devil doing what the devil is doing? Because he’s manifesting because he knows he only has a limited time. Satan’s whole anti-Christ activity is him trying to consolidate control because he knows he’s about to lose everything. So, you have to really reinterpret what’s going on in the news, watching what’s happening with Donald Trump.”

“This is the time for the imprecatory prayers that would be answered, which is going to be, ‘May they fall into the pit that they have dug. What would that look like? Well, it could be that there’s such an outrageous backlash over the clear political persecution of an innocent political candidate that we’re really becoming like a Venezuela or a Soviet Union where we find a crime to lock up or assassinate our political rivals. The American people won’t put up with it.”

“But I’ve been listening to prophecies lately about sudden deaths, and it looks to me like there could be some sudden deaths coming in May,” he said. “In May, you’re going to see some of the disciplinary hand of God come down upon those people that have been standing in the path of what he wants to do.”



For those that would write that Lance Wallnau is a false prophet, I can only say duh.


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