Talko Tuesday: April 11, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Tuesday.

Damn, the news is just depressing, very depressing. I’m so over a bunch of idiots forcing their sadistic and anti-democratic views, (disguised as ‘Christian’ values/beliefs) on us. I really avoid discussions on religion but, this is getting old and more appropriately, scary.

The only good thing I can thank these clowns for is the forever reminder of why I support NO organized religion and am a proud agnostic, who is leaning more and more atheist every passing day because of them. So much for spreading the word….unintended consequences strike again.

So, enough about all that. What’s going on in your world?

The roofers finally came yesterday and if I make it through this week, it will be amazing! They are so loud! And…don’t trample or destroy my plants means exactly that. I will say they did a good job cleaning up their mess…so far. They will end up hating me by the end of the week because I found a bunch of old shingles in some shrubs and pointed them out to one of the workers. He removed them and didn’t clap back at me but, it was just the first day. We’ll see how the rest of the week tinkers on.

Enjoy the day and stay safe! And as a friendly reminder, please don’t quote scripture or turn this into a religious discussion, thanks.

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