Kansas Cops Chased Down and Tased 80-Year-Old Man for Driving 3 MPH Over Speed Limit


On April 16, 2021, John J. Sigg was clocked by an Iola, Kansas, officer going 38 mph in a 35 mph speed zone. A pursuit began. The lawsuit said Sigg was unaware police were following him even though law enforcement vehicles from other departments joined the pursuit in an area that is about 100 miles  southwest of Kansas City, Missouri.

Sigg drove to a car lot operated by his family. When he got out of his car, officers surrounded him and two officers from nearby Chanute, Kansas, drew their guns, the lawsuit said.

Deputy Joseph  Stotler

“Sigg looked at them quizzically and raised his hands,” the lawsuit stated. That’s when Deputy Joseph  Stotler demanded that Sigg get on the ground and without warning, used the Taser on him, even though the maker of the stun gun had warned against using it on the elderly, the lawsuit stated.

“At no time after exiting his vehicle did Sigg make a hostile motion or make physical or verbal threats,” the lawsuit stated. “There was no risk that the 80 year old man was going to run from the officers and they had no concern that Sigg had a firearm.”

After the stun gun was used on Sigg, he was taken to an emergency room, ‘because he didn’t feel right’.

Stotler has since left the department.

Sigg is suing Allen County Sheriff Bryan J. Murphy and former Deputy Joseph Stotler for $250,000 in damages and the same in punitive damages.

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