Free Chat Friday, Week 15

The GOP and children

Happy Friday, News Viewers, on this 15th day of April, the day taxes are due…..beware the Ides of April…..:-) This year we get an extra couple of days of grace — they have to be postmarked April 18. This is the day we pay the salaries of Judge Matt Kacsmaryk who gets into the Beemer we bought him and drives home– he probably zips through Walgreens drive through on the way home to get pick-up his meds — they’ll be ready and waiting whatever they are because he is who he is – big ole bag of pills for his reproductive functioning, here you go Judge, no co-pay on your Federal health care plan, have a nice day.

This tax season we will be paying salaries for Marge and Qevin, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz and all sorts of reprobates in Congress; we may also be helping to pay to harden schools—fortify walls, windows, doors, install security cameras and metal detectors, hire armed guards and pay for teachers’ training in shooting — I guess today we could be paying for those teachers’ guns as well so everybody’s safe from those other guns, many of which we also paid for through federal, state and local taxes for arming the police.

Oh yes, today we’re paying Clarence for all the work he does, if he lives 20 more years, we’ll pay him until then, until the day he dies. I’m betting Ginni’s on his health care plan, so we’re paying for her health and well- being, so she also will live a long, long long life with minimal co-pays and negligible deductibles. The Thomas family, it turns out, are getting paid by other people as well. wonder how my vacation amenities stacked up to theirs?

without a paddle…..

Welcome to Friday’s free chat here at NV — you can tell what’s on my mind…… the fact that I’m paying salaries for people too inept, too compromised, too jaded to deserve a paycheck— as their employer, if I had my druthers, I’d have fired them a long time ago.

Let’s talk about it and every other thing that comes up— the sun has come up, speaking of, here in the holler — it’s beautiful out there but so far, not a hummingbird in sight….. So, what’s happening in your world?

Who should be the next senator from California?