Sarah Sanders Blames ‘Design Error’ For Form Asking Job Applicants to Name Something Nice About Her

You’re Welcome

Turns out this week’s flap over a Dear Leader-style item on the questionnaire for people hoping to serve on Arkansas boards and commissions can be chalked up to a simple design error. That’s what a spokesperson for Gov. Sarah Sanders told reporter Doug Thompson at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

News broke this week that the online application for people hoping to serve on one of Arkansas’s dozens of boards and commissions included the question, “What is an accomplishment of the Governor’s that you admire the most?” The next day, that online application form was missing. It’s back up now, but the questions are different. And sure, the Sanders administration’s explanation about the snafu makes sense. Who among us hasn’t accidentally required job applicants to write 500-word essays on how great we are?

The question was meant only for summer intern applicants, spokesperson Alexa Henning told Thompson, and said it was a web designer who made the screw-up.


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