Oklahoma Teacher, Wife of Police Chief Arrested for Sexually Abusing Teen 

Her Father is the Town’s Mayor


A married former Oklahoma substitute teacher was arrested this week for allegedly making out with a 15-year-old student, sending him nude pictures, and touching him inappropriately.

Emma “Delaney” Hancock, 26, isn’t just any substitute teacher in the Wellston Public School district. Her husband is also the police chief of Wellston, Oklahoma. That’s not all, according to Wellston residents, her father is the town’s mayor.

Charlie Dougherty, the Lincoln County Sheriff, asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to take the case, because of the obvious conflict of interest. with Hancock’s husband being the police chief.


Emma with her husband the sheriff in better times

The affidavit states that their relationship became physical during the first week of November and the two started exchanging nude photos and videos. The boy sent a shirtless snap of himself to Hancock via Snapchat to which, she responded, “Are we sending half naked pictures now?” The student replied, “I don’t know, are we?” She then allegedly wrote, “Are you trying to get me to lose my job?” reports Daily Mail.

The boy admitted everything to the investigators, who started looking into the teacher after allegations surfaced of her sending nude photos to the student, that he had met Hancock inside the school several times to “make out.”

According to Fox25, Hancock “kissed and touched him during lunch break while hiding inside classroom closets or pantries.” She would allegedly let the student vape from her vape pen. Another student was aware of the alleged relationship between Hancock and the 15-year-old. When asked if it was true, she admitted that it was. The student said Hancock admitted to the relationship but said, “it would not amount to anything because they were not going to get caught.”

Hancock is facing two counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with minor by use of technology and two counts of lewd or indecent acts to child under 16. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Hancock turned herself in and posted a $50,000 bond.


They mayor of Wellstone, Emma’s father.

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