Michigan GOP Infighting Elevated to a Physical Confrontation

Drunken Cat Fight

Police were called to a physical altercation between two Michigan county level GOP officials on Friday, the eve of a Michigan Republican Party leadership meeting.

  • The two women were fighting a proxy war between state GOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo and her defeated opponent, Matt DePerno — who was described by another county official as “a sore loser trying to keep us from succeeding and advancing,” and in its failure see the RNC remove Karamo to replace her with said sore loser.
  • DePerno has openly criticized Karamo’s “radical agenda through a ‘Christian only’ cult mentality that will ‘purify’ the party.”

  • Following the incident, DePerno went on the record to condemn Pehlis as a “Karamo sycophant who was there, it appears, to intentionally harass” Sackett.

Karamo, DePerno

A video recording shows the confrontation in which Kalamazoo County’s Kelly Sackett (the blonde) exchanges words with Macomb County’s Melissa Pehlis.

Sackett knocks a cigarette and phone from the hand of Pehlis, and Pehlis responds with a shove to the face of Sackett.

The argument revolved around 22 letters Sackett sent to elected precinct delegates last week informing them they “have been removed” from those local posts, citing the “authority vested” in her as county chair.

Sackett says she filed a police complaint against Pehlis over the incident.

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