Man Tased in the Face by Deputies Suing Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office


DATELINE: LAS ANIMAS COUNTY, Colo.) — Body camera footage released on Monday, April 24, showed two deputies with the Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office tasing a man in the face during his arrest. The man is now preparing to file a civil rights lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office.

On the day of the incident, Kenneth Espinoza and his son were driving separate cars, taking one of them to a Ford dealership. Espinoza’s son got pulled over by cops for a traffic citation, to which Espinoza then also pulled over behind them, to wait for his son.

“Deputy Trujillo showed up and immediately got pretty aggressive with Ken… Asking, why are you here? But not really caring to learn what his answer was… He was like, get out of here, several times,” said Espinoza’s attorney, Kevin Mehr. Lieutenant Henry Trujillo, and Deputy Mikhail Noel, were the two officers involved in this situation. After some back and forth, Espinoza pulls away to leave, but then Deputy Noel changed his mind and starts yelling at him to stay.

The District Attorney dropped all charges against Espinoza. The Sheriff’s Office is now reviewing the actions of the two deputies, meanwhile, Espinoza will be filing the lawsuit in the coming weeks.

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Watch the video, all the action happens in the first 9 minutes. The last 2 minutes are cop butt covering. 

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