MTG Laughs at Border Patrol Coins Depicting Whipping Humans

And other embarrassing committee contributions

On Wednesday night members of the House Committee on Homeland Security were debating an unofficial commemorative coin being sold on EBay and reportedly being circulated among Border Patrol agents.

The coin shows a Border Agent on horseback chasing a Haitian migrant.

On one side it says “Horse Patrol Unit – Haitian invasion – Deflecting allegations for years.” The other side shows a Border Patrol officer on a horse whipping a migrant and the text states: “Whipping a** since 1924.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene was caught giggling during the presentation.

Donald Payne, Jr. caught it, and called her out.

Marge’s defense: “I was laughing about something completely unrelated. And it’s extremely poor behavior of people on this committee to continue to attack my character for political points, likely for campaign ads.”

MTG shared her wisdom on other committees on Wednesday, including an Oversight and Accountability hearing on the pandemic response.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten was attacked as “not a real mother” because she was a mother by marriage but not a biological mother.

This is confusing, as Marge represents the party who cheers adoption as a better choice than abortion.

MTG is the bottomless pit of stupidity in this discussion as she suggests people didn’t cough up taxes to combat climate change during the Ice Age, so why should we?