Updates: E. Jean Carroll v. Donald J. Trump

“He raped me whether I screamed or not!” 

E. Jean Carroll took the stand yesterday and after cross examination, the judge dismissed the jury for the day,

The judge also scolded TFG’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, for asking questions that were “argumentative” and “repetitive.” DNA evidence, a topic both sides have agreed not to touch, has not been admitted into evidence and the judge will now allow anything remotely pertaining to it. Of course, TFG’s attorney asked Ms. Carroll about the dress she wore on the day she says TFG raped her decades ago, which angered the presiding Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. He then dismissed the jury and questioned Tacopina about his intentions.

During cross examination, Tacopina questioned Carroll about the alleged rape:

  • Carroll confirmed that she never saw any doctors, and as a result has no medical records or photographs documenting physical injuries. She also confirmed she never went to the police.
  • Carroll said that she remembers that night that her “vagina still hurt from his fingers.”
  • The first question that Trump’s lawyer asked Carroll after the break was why she used her cell phone to call a friend instead of calling 911. “You thought your first call when you left Bergdorf Goodman should be to her?” he asked.
  • Carroll said that she was “disoriented” and started telling her friend the story in the hopes that she would draw a laugh, which would have made her feel “so much better.” Carroll’s friend stopped her and said she had been raped.
  • Tacopina asked Carroll whether she screamed for help. “I’m not a screamer,” Carroll said. “You can’t beat up on me for not screaming.”
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