Bill Barr Says Trump Would Deliver Chaos When Interviewed by Geraldo Rivera

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera interviewed TFG’s former AG Bill Barr at Cleveland, Ohio’s, City Club on Friday, and asked Barr if Trump was “fit to be president.”

Barr said, “It is a horror show when he’s left to his own devices. You may want his policies but Trump will not deliver Trump policies. He will deliver chaos.”

For context, Geraldo had fawned over Barr, saying, “You really are my favorite person in Washington, D.C. I’m filled with admiration for the way you kept relatively friendly with the president, the way you kept the walls from falling in. Kept him from absolutely cranking up during ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ as he was being assailed nonstop.

“Having said that, I think January 6 was more profoundly disruptive and more serious than some of your remarks, but you are my most favorite person in Washington. I think you’re the most honest person in Washington.”

On Thursday Geraldo said his appearances on The Five had been canceled.

Apparently Geraldo made The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld bigly mad after Tucker Carlson was fired by calling his Tucker’s January 6 nonsense “bullshit.”

On Wednesday Geraldo made noise, too.

Bill Barr is on a book tour.