UPDATE: 7 Dead After Car Runs Into Pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas, Driver Arrested

Driver That Hit People Outside Homeless Shelter Refusing to Cooperate — But Video Captured it All


The crash occurred at 8:30 a.m. near the Ozanam Center in Brownsville, a representative from the Brownsville Police Department told ABC News.

In addition to those who died, up to six people are being treated for serious and minor injuries at the hospital, according to police.

Police have a male suspect in custody, authorities said. Investigators did not comment on a possible motive or whether the crash was intentional. The driver is in the hospital being treated and under 24-hour guard watch, police said. Tests are currently being performed to check for alcohol and drug use, police said.

More to come as we get it. Stand by.


There’s another video on Twitter that is horrific, it’s at least as gory as last night’s Texas Mall shooting. Twitter took it down overnight. I suspect the Brownsville videos will soon be taken down as well.

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