Talko Tuesday: May 16, 2023

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Tuesday.

Here’s you Tuesday free chat thread so, talk about whatever you choose, within reason, of course.

What a way to wake up: The Striped Shithead’s new obsession—beat up whomever or whatever is on the television. Seriously…it is so weird. She jumps up on the TV stand and attacks people, especially b-ball players and their basketballs. The day George Santos got indicted and held his “Witch hunt!” presser, she kicked his ass. She just starts batting at her victims, not really scratching them because she doesn’t have her claws drawn, but she goes insane.

I will admit, I was slower than usual to tell her to stop or squirt her when she beat up George Santos but I do worry about her destroying the TV. She’s not a fan of LeBron James either. But, she really has to stretch to attack him because of his height. I have no clue what the local news person did to trigger her this morning but, I’m sure he requires a few bandages just for existing.

This is pretty much how she reacted to George Santos but more aggressively.

Since she was a kitten, I would play cat videos for her on my laptop; she loves them! If she sees my computer left open, she will try to find something to entertain herself. I can always tell when she’s messing around with my computer because…she ‘types’ and thankfully, hasn’t found the ‘send’ feature.

Anyway, enjoy the day and stay safe!

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