Staten Island ShopRite Employee Sues Ghouliani for Falsely Accusing Him of Assault

This is a follow-up to a previous News Views discussion featured nearly a year ago:

For the second time this week, a lawsuit has been filed against ‘America’s Mayor,‘ Rudolph Giuliani.

While campaigning with his son, Andrew, at a Staten Island ShopRite, Giuliani claimed an employee came out of nowhere and open-handedly slapped the disgraced, former mayor. The alleged incident landed the store worker in jail overnight on charges that were quickly dismissed.

Now, Daniel Gill’s has filed suit in Manhattan Federal Court demanding “$2 million from Giuliani for colluding with the NYPD to throw him behind bars on a false charge of assaulting an elderly person after he patted him on the back and called him a ‘scumbag.’”

Gill’s suit opens with a quote from Mayor Adams, who criticized Giuliani in the incident’s aftermath for handling the incident irresponsibly.

“Someone needs to remind former Mayor Giuliani that falsely reporting a crime is a crime,” Adams said in June 2022. “What he stated, there was a lot of creativity, and I think the district attorney, he has the wrong person he is investigating. … When you look at the video, the guy basically walked by and patted him on the back.”

“Rudy Giuliani’s lies have caused incalculable damage to this country, but his lies about Daniel Gill should cost him about $2 million,” Ron Kuby told The News. “And the Staten Island police went along with it. … They made sure that Gill spent at least a night in jail. The cops should be careful who they do favors for while wearing body cameras.”

Ghouliani’s spokesperson, Ted Goodman, stated the case lacks legal merit and should be dismissed.

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