Last Call: May 20, 2023

Good evening, News Viewers, and welcome to the weekend.

For all our straight, men folk, she’s about to be single! Even free is more than what any smart man would pay:

And then of course, there’s always Caturday, which is more entertaining and satisfying than Boobert. Anyone know her pre-married name? ‘Boebert’ is just a joke that writes itself; I hope she included in her filing to have her name restored. But, whatever, don’t care.

So, what’s up in the feline world? Or, what’s up in your world?

The latest shenanigan in my cat world is the death of a Rosa Bianca eggplant. Yeah, it’s my fault….I didn’t get it in the ground soon enough so, it was fair game. I woke up Thursday morning to find it beaten beyond recognition and dirt all over the living room. Oh, Domenic loved the biodegradable pot it came in…SOCCER!

Enjoy each other’s company, what’s left of the weekend, and stay safe!

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