Lauren Boebert’s Son Called 911 Saying His Dad Was “Throwing” Him Around

Back in December, Lauren Boebert’s son called 911 to report that his dad was “throwing” him around the house and he didn’t know why.

After the call ended and Sheriff’s deputies were on their way to the house, the teen son called 911 back, and took the accusations back. Lauren Boebert then got on the phone and said her son “doesn’t need help.”

In the December 11 call, the young Boebert told the dispatcher his mother had been living in a farmhouse at an attached property because the family was having “problems.” He was sobbing, gasping for air, and had trouble speaking. The dispatcher asked if his dad was getting physical with him.

“Yes, he was throwing me around,” he said, breathing heavily. 

“He called me a psycho, when he’s the — ” he added, trailing off.

The dispatcher told the teen she was going to have an officer come help and he didn’t have to worry. She also asked whether there were weapons in the house.

“I mean, there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me,” the son responded, still crying. “He just does this to me so much.”

The teen explained he was going to walk down the driveway of the property to the farmhouse where his mother was staying “because there’s problems with them.”

Less than five minutes later, the teen called 911 back.

“All I wanted to say was is me and my dad were starting to yell. He didn’t really get physical with me,” the teen started to tell the same dispatcher before Lauren Boebert took the phone, cutting him off.

“Hi, I’m the mom,” she said. 

“OK. There was an argument over dinner. I understand you guys got to come and talk to them,” she said, adding that she was “down at our second location with” her son preparing for an event.

“Just to let you know, I have him,” she told the dispatcher. “His dad’s at the house.”

In the police log of the event, Jayson Boebert said there was a verbal argument.

The teen “said he wasn’t sure why he said that his dad hurt him, but he was upset,” the log said. 

The officer said there were no physical marks on the teen, he and Boebert were cooperative, and no crime was committed.

Jayson Boebert explained that he was uncomfortable with his family being in the spotlight. “All I do is work and come home and try to raise everyone,” he said.

Boebert said he disciplined all four sons by making them run laps and do push-ups — not by hitting them. Each of his four boys, he said, went through a phase between 14-16 when they did not get along with their dad.

Boebert said before his wife entered politics, the family spent a lot of time together when he was off from work doing recreational activities. Now that she’s “serving the country,” he spends a lot of time alone with the boys, he said. 

“Every teenage boy is going to want to test the bull,” he said. “We’ve gotten over it.” 

On that December 11, Lauren Boebert was tweeting about taking the temperature down in DC.

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