Talko Tuesday: May 30, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers. I hope everyone has recovered from the long weekend and is ready to get back to their usual routine. As I was forcing myself to get out of bed, I started thinking about all that I need to do this week (calendars would help, but, that’s too logical) and it’s shaping up to be a busy week.

We scheduled a ‘junk’ pickup from the city to get rid of broken stuff, now junk, that we lost in the ‘hurricane’ we had in January. No, it wasn’t really a hurricane but 70+ mph winds (thereabouts) with a ton of rain destroyed so much and left a huge mess that took us a long time to clean-up because it didn’t stop raining until April. We just managed to create a pile and throw away what we could (small stuff) and leave the bigger stuff for a scheduled pick-up, which is this week.

Anyway, enjoy the day, the week, and stay safe!

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