Watch Live: The Clown House Debates and Votes on Bill to Increase the Nation’s Debt Limit 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Watch Live: The high-stakes battle over the debt ceiling and budget deal is now in the House of Representatives. The bill faces key votes as a potential national default looms next week. Some in both parties oppose the weekend agreement, but the White House and House Republican leaders say they’ll push it to passage.

Numerous GQPers have stated they will vote ‘No’ on the Bill mainly because it doesn’t screw over the poor enough (WWJD, MAGAts?). A few members of the Democratic Party, AOC, in particular, have also stated they will not support the Bill because of work requirements for SNAP benefits, etc.

Please watch from the link below and Stay Tuned! for the next chapter of, “Will Quevie McQuarthy Still Have a Job?

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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