‘Senile’ and ‘Soft Food’ Eating Brandon Outsmarted the GQP

Kevin McCarthy once suggested the president needs "soft food.” Now he's the one serving a "shit sandwich" to his caucus.

After several years of the GQP and MAGAt pundits accusing President Biden of suffering from dementia/senility, they’re now whining that ‘Brandon’ outsmarted them during debt ceiling negotiations.

What Craven Assholes are Saying:

  • Asked if Biden had gotten the better of McCarthy, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), replied, “Yeah, I think that’s a fair assumption.”
  • Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), meanwhile, said he believed McCarthy had simply been “misled.” He didn’t say by whom.
  • Although Qevie didn’t admit that President Biden outsmarted him, he did give the President and his negotiating team some credit saying they were “very professional, very smart” and “very tough at the same time.”

But to sell his “shit sandwich” to members of his caucus, McCarthy had to play up the ‘wins’ he got in the deal:

“How were we outsmarted? The largest cut in the history of Congress. The biggest ability to pull money back,” McCarthy told ABC News on Tuesday. “We’ve got work requirements for welfare where the Democrats said was a red line.”


Still, Biden got plenty of wins in the bill, which cuts federal spending far less than Republicans initially hoped. And in a twist, the CBO said the work requirements won’t reduce spending or enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

In fact, “the White House also won changes that render the net impact of the bill inconsequential, at least from a budget perspective. The CBO said that, thanks to brand-new work requirement exemptions for veterans and homeless people, the bill would actually increase SNAP enrollment by a small amount and boost federal spending by $2 billion.”

And…well, Qevie has really pissed off the lunatic fringe in the Freedumb Caucus who actually thought they were the driving force in these negotiations. No, they were the driving force in crashing our economy.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) on Tuesday became the first House conservative to explicitly state he is considering a push to strip McCarthy of the gavel over his recent deal with President Joe Biden. Add this clown, Reps. Ken Buck and Matt Gaetz to the mix as well.

Publicly, though, few Freedom Caucus members are willing to go that far even as they trash the McCarthy-Biden deal. During a press conference hosted mainly by members of the House Freedom Caucus on Tuesday, members were asked who believed ousting McCarthy was on the table. Only Bishop raised his hand.

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