Christians Are Furious Over a Tiny Pride Flag on the Set of a Show About Jesus

This is what the controversy is all about. That’s it. 


The Chosen has become the latest target of boycott calls from a faction of conservatives after an LGBTQ+ Pride flag was spotted on the Christian historical drama’s set.

While The Chosen has garnered largely positive reviews, it is now facing criticism and boycott calls for the presence of an LGBTQ+ Pride flag that was spotted in behind-the-scenes footage of the show’s upcoming fourth season.

“Christians, just like we boycotted Target & Bud Light, we need to boycott @thechosentv,” Root captioned the post. “The promotion of the Pride Flag is never acceptable in church or any form of ministry. While you boycott & encourage friends/family to do the same, please pray for [creator, director, writer and executive producer] Dallas Jenkins, the actors/actresses, production crew and everyone at Angel Studios so they may understand the error of their ways.”


You can see the offending flag at approximately 20 seconds.

This is what the controversy is all about. That’s it.

By the Way, the nutters are now mad at Walmart for their Pride promotions.


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