“Make Appliances Great Again” Takes the House Spotlight Today

The Republican culture war is heating up this week.

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to take up legislation today at noon that would prevent the use of federal funds from banning the sale or use of gas stoves.

The “Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act” is expected to pass the House despite the White House and Democrats’ assurances there is no intention to ban gas stoves or their use.

Some Democrats have offered a series of satirical amendments to the gas stove legislation, including Florida Democrat Jared Moskowitz, who proposed that the sponsors change the name to “Stoves over gun violence act.”

A Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesperson said, “This bill is unnecessary – the CPSC is not banning gas stoves. However, CPSC’s ability to set standards addressing gas stove safety hazards related to tip-overs, gas leaks, and fire hazards could be hampered by the legislation, which would undermine CPSC’s mission to keep Americans safe.” 


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